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Case Study

The Challenge

A $1 billion mega project in the North Sea was fast approaching a final phase of delivery that required 70 leaders to form one integrated, high performing team to lead the multi-company workforce to a successful completion and handover to Operations.

Leading Lights was engaged to carry out a performance health-check and fast-track their development into one cohesive leadership team.

The client was seeking “something different, fast paced, high impact and motivational” – they also wanted a ‘recognition and reward’ element in the programme.

The Approach

Leading Lights designed and developed a programme that would fully satisfy the client’s brief by combining a comprehensive performance assessment with a high-energy workshop and one of our proven experiential team-building activities. The venue selected was Silverstone Race Track and accommodation was provided track-side in a ‘pop-up’ hotel.

The structure of this programme comprised five stages:

  • Data Capture: The Leading Lights Essential 8 Diagnostic was deployed to capture qualitative and quantitative ‘performance and cultural’ data – a combination of interviews and online assessment was used to survey the geographically distributed team of 70 people.
  • Analysis and Review: The issues and challenges facing the team were developed into Key Themes following analysis of the survey data – these were shared with the sponsor and senior leaders in preparation for the workshop and included the provision of individual leader insight.
  • Workshop and Reporting: Leading Lights facilitated an interactive workshop to work through the assessment findings with the leadership team to help them address their key challenges and to determine how they would come together to deliver this final stage of the project. All output was documented for reporting to the project sponsor.
  • Experiential Event: Leading Lights facilitated the Lotus F1® Team Pitstop Challenge to provide a memorable, insightful and shared experience for the team, helping them forge closer links with each other and learn first hand about high performing teams in a new environment.
  • Recognition and Reward: To close the programme the team took part in a high adrenalin driving activity that tied into the high performance theme of the event.

The Results

Improved inter-team communication and alignment with their Mission and Vision.

Enabled the leaders to reach a level of openness that had thus far evaded them.

Established the identity and aspiration of “One team : One Goal” – a critical objective for the team.

Improved the level of confidence throughout the whole team in their ability to complete the project and to totally commit as individuals.

Formulated ‘one team’ action plans focussed on addressing project issues, key priorities and changing behaviours.

Client Feedback

“The main objective of the sessions was to work up a ‘one team’ ethos and the project ended up as the most integrated and aligned one I have ever been on. The success of achieving one team was commented on explicitly by the start-up assurance review team. They were genuinely surprised about the level and effectiveness of integration and also passed the comment that when they attended the daily progress meeting offshore, they could not differentiate between construction, commissioning and operations attendees. Job done!”
Global Projects Operations Director

“Thanks again for hosting the events, they had the desired impact on the teams leaving them focussed and energised. The Formula 1 pit stop challenge was the most powerful demonstration I have ever seen of the power of teamwork and the teams are still talking about the session and the bonds made during the events. We looked at the pros and cons of this type of event over and above a pat on the back and a motivational speech and I must say I was delighted with the uptake and enthusiasm. I would definitely do something similar again.”
Onshore Construction Manager

Leading Lights