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Case Study

The Challenge

The North Sea Operations Group of a global oil and gas company with ambitious plans for growth had been under-performing and suffering from low morale.

A newly appointed Vice President engaged Leading Lights to help re-energise his people and kick-start their journey to becoming a high performing team.

The Approach

Leading Lights facilitated a combination of small group rapid workshops and one-to-one interviews across the department as part of a ‘business and people’ performance status check.

Analysis of the data and extraction of key themes enabled a leadership dialogue around the issues that had prevented them from operating as a united, motivated and high-performing team.

The whole team attended an offsite workshop where they explored the attributes of high performing teams, openly shared individual, intra-team and inter-team issues and challenges, and established a clear set of priorities to increase performance.

The Results

The team established stronger connections internally and with their external stakeholders.

A stronger identity within the company became a key goal within their Vision.

‘People and business’ imperatives on which to focus were defined and agreed.

A commitment to tackle shortcomings such as use of time, effectiveness of meetings and planning.

Client Feedback

“The programme was cathartic, inclusive, re-energising and provided our whole team with a renewed sense of purpose – as a result of the excellent work carried out by the Leading Lights team and the ongoing support that they provided to us, we have reduced time spent in meetings by 50% – incredible!”
Vice President

Leading Lights