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Coaching and Mentoring



Coaching and mentoring is an intrinsic part of the Leading Lights approach to developing high performing leaders and teams. Our professionally qualified and supervised coaches have extensive experience of supporting senior leaders in a range of industry sectors.

We integrate coaching and mentoring into client programmes to provide a seamless and joined-up solution that is aligned with overall business objectives. Coaching is widely accepted as the most effective means to implement change at the individual level through structured reflection on matters of personal relevance. Our role is to support clients in identifying the changes that they need to make and to enable them to confidently make those changes a reality.


Structured mentoring plans form part of our Transition LeadersTM and Transition TeamsTM programmes and are delivered in formats that maximise impact whilst minimising intrusion into the participants’ working time. Coaching offerings are aimed at enhancing participants’ personal contributions to the organisation, their own wellbeing and their contributions made through others.


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The outcomes of coaching and mentoring can reach far beyond the initial intent. Participants invariably become much more self-aware, learn how to constructively interpret the behaviours of others and find the courage to tackle issues. It enables them to have much greater impact by consciously, and eventually unconsciously, utilising the most appropriate influencing and communication methods. These enhanced abilities stay with them and develop naturally, resulting in improved relationships, greater self-confidence and personal effectiveness.

Overview of Offerings

  • Executive and leader coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Executive and leader on-boarding
  • Conflict resolution coaching
  • Mediation coaching
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