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Experiential Learning naturally lies at the core of all that we do at Leading Lights. In Aristotle’s own words, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”. A unique attribute of Leading Lights is the ability to exploit the benefits of experiential learning in transforming both people and business performance.

We achieve this through our Challenge-Change-Perform programmes. These are the ultimate vehicles for analysing and understanding team dynamics in the drive toward achieving the highest levels of performance.

We do this through incredible team activities and challenges which are unequalled and by leveraging inspirational and thought provoking virtual journeys in highly impactful of team workshops.


Our team activities and challenges offer experiential learning opportunities aboard Ocean Racing Yachts, through the Lotus F1® Team Pitstop Challenge and within the Team Cooking Challenge.


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These offer the perfect team development environment, providing an ‘equal playing field’ irrespective of role or level of seniority, on an exciting and safe platform for learning. Invariably the team activity day is followed by a performance-enhancing workshop for debriefing outcomes and transporting lessons learned back into the workplace.

Our virtual journey workshops offer teams the opportunity to immerse themselves in a powerful leader and team story, such as the Olympic Cycling Team, the Shackleton Adventure or the World’s Toughest Yacht Race. Reliving these leader and team experiences through powerfully facilitated interventions, video, imagery and insights, enables teams to reflect on and modify their own behaviours, attitudes and performance. Again, analogies are drawn with workplace issues and challenges, with the prime goal in mind of delivering lasting improvements.

The Challenge-Change-Perform programmes are delivered both stand-alone as well as integrated into longer-term client initiatives.


Practical outcomes include better ways of working as a team, increased accountability, enhanced leadership skills, a shared vision of success and enhanced people and business performance.

Overview of Offerings

  • Ocean Racing Yacht Challenge
  • Lotus F1® Team Pitstop Challenge
  • Team Cooking Challenge
  • Virtual Journey Workshop
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