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Leading Lights develops high performing leaders and teams in real-time within the business environment through a combination of tailored workshops, coaching interventions and experiential learning. Our approach is very much fit for purpose with a focus on developing organisational capability that survives the test of time.

Our primary goal is to amplify the collective contribution of leaders and their teams toward business success. We facilitate this through our Transition LeadersTM and Transition TeamsTM programmes designed to develop the most capable and dynamic of leaders and increase workforce engagement.

Delivery timeframes range from 3 months to benchmark team performance and address priority issues, through to 9 months to develop highly effective leadership practitioners.

Leading Lights also works with leaders ‘live and dynamically’ in the workplace as trusted advisors; whether for board meeting presentations, organisational change workshops, business partner meetings, strategy and planning workshops or team off-sites, Leading Lights is able to bring its extensive experience and competencies to bear and support you throughout.


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Client engagements typically begin with a ‘business and people’ performance health-check. This enables us to start working with an organisational cell, whether a department, project or virtual team, to assess and benchmark its performance and capability. The Essential 8 health-check tool identifies the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the team within the cell and enables the development of a performance improvement strategy in conjunction with key stakeholders.

Interventions that follow may comprise a leadership contribution assessment, a structured mentoring programme utilising psychometric, 360 and emotional intelligence feedback and action learning workshops. Examples of performance improvement priorities are defining a clear vision and strategic goals, developing a communications plan or preparing for the execution phase of a major project.

Leading Lights assigns a lead consultant to work with you and steer your development programme from beginning to end. This means we really do work in partnership with you and your team. We are highly motivated to ensure that you achieve your objectives and our effectiveness is measured on your success and that’s the way we like it. A true win-win!


The outcomes are authentic leaders able to communicate the strategic narrative and inspire their workforce to deliver, teams that are highly engaged with a desire to succeed and an organisation thriving on reduced attrition and increased workforce productivity.


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Overview of Offerings

  • ‘Business and people’ performance health-check
  • Transition Leaders™ – high performing leaders programme
  • Transition Teams™ – high performing teams programme
  • Mega and major project performance improvement
  • Building multi-stakeholder project teams
  • Defining team vision, direction and strategy
  • Establishing a high performance culture
  • On-boarding senior leaders into new roles
  • Trusted advisors to leaders
  • Motivational speaking


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